Photo Watermarking and File Backup for Photographers

Protect and back up your precious work.

It’s nice when your work is admired online. But not cool if it’s taken without your permission and posted all over the place. Protect and safely store images and control access.

Password-protected photo galleries.

You control access and visibility.

Keep your gallery images safe and protected with passwords that you enable and control. From family events to top secret new products, you set who can view and access images. You can also disable Google from searching and finding photos in galleries. Clients can access their photos through a direct login portal on your website.

Cloud photo backup for photographers.

Safely store your images online.

Now you have one more place to safely and securely upload and store photos. From cards to drives, add another level of backup redundancy…just for safe keeping.

Control access to original files.

Keep and covet your originals.

You have full control over the original images you upload to your Zenfolio account. Enable a wide range of settings for how you choose to show, share, display, or even hide images.

Create and set custom watermarks.

Stop screen captures cold.

Add another layer of protection to discourage screen capturing, displaying or printing images without your permission. Use a custom watermark or branded logo on select images or your entire portfolio.